How To Stop Vomiting After Meals (Nausea )Prevention & Cure

by Ojo Kayode
Many usually feel like throwing up or might eventually do so after finish eating a meal,this is not a normal situation for some even find it very difficult to eat at times as a result of the fear of throwing up after finish eating a meal.

You might ask your self this ; "what could be the cause?" the truth is that you are not alone in these thoughts.

How To Stop Vomiting After Meals
Does this happens to you?

Most of the times,we are usually the cause of such problem which depends on the way we handle food substances,some may think their feeling of throwing up is because the food they ate is contaminated. So funny enough,that is a bit true but it is not the main cause of that. Did you even know that all the food we eat contain thousands of bacterial? don't be surprised.

Those bacterial have a function they performs when they get into the body digestive system.Mostly they help to aid digestion but if it is in excess it could cause sickness. To make matter more interesting there are some enzymes that will kill off the bacteria when they get to the digestive system leaving out only the quantity needed for digestion.

There are still a lot of things that could make one vomit after eating a meal, if you are experiencing this then there is no cause for alarm,you will learn a lot in this article based on it causes,prevention and cure.

The feeling or sensation of vomiting is what we call NAUSEA and it does not often lead to vomiting, however there are much more to consider in this article concerning this topic,so i will urge you to sit back and enjoy;

How To Stop Vomiting After Meals (Nausea )Causes,Prevention & Cure

The type of food You eat:

Many do not know that their digestive system is strict with the kind of food that comes into it,you really have to be selective about the kind of edible substance you consume and make sure you don't give your digestive system what it hates. But how can you determine the type of food your digestive system dislike?

Be patient for 3 days

To find out here is what to do; whenever you throw up or you feel like throwing up note down the type of food you ate before experiencing the that, then wait for three more days and consume the same food again. If the vomiting still persists then that food is not supported by your digestive system which means you've to stop eating that food.

Combining Wrong Food Substances Together:

This is the part that caught my attention the most,to be honest many of us don't know the way to eat,am not saying we can't put a spoon into our mouth( although some can't... lols) all I mean is that we eat mixed wrong food substances together without knowing their harm.

Our enzymes or let me say digestive system is another brain on its own, why do i say this? when we consume food, some certain kind of enzymes are released by the digestive system depending on the kind of food consumed.i.e if you consume carbohydrate food and another person consumes a protein food,the enzymes that will be released in your digestive system will be different form that which will be released in the other person's digestive system.

This is because each enzymes are assigned to some certain food nutrients,so when a carbohydrate food is consumed,the enzymes assigned to it will detect it and thus release out to act on the carbohydrate. The same thing is similar to protein and other classes of food.

Now when you consume carbohydrates and protein food together, they will be acted on by the enzymes assigned to them so don't think that only one enzyme will be present. This means the enzymes that will act on both protein and carbohydrate will be present in the digestive system.
However there is just one problem,not every enzymes can be present all together during digestion,if there are a lot of enzymes present in the digestive which are not suppose to mix with each other then nausea will set in.

One thing you don't know is this ; the reason you feel like vomiting or sometimes vomit is not because of your food is contaminated but because there are some certain enzymes which are being released in your digestive system that are not mend to mix with each other. It is just like mixing wrong chemicals in the laboratory which often lead to explosion.

The same thing is applicable to the digestive system when enzymes that are not to mix with each other do so ; it will create an eruption in the belly and try to erupt the substances ,the eruption is what will now result to the vomit.

At times you might feel like vomiting and you will not at the end of the day this is because the enzymes level of reaction is low which in turns means the eruption level is also low, they will struggle to act on each nutrient assigned to them and they will finally complete the process. Once the digestion has finished taking place, you will no longer feel like vomiting.

All you need to do is to monitor the kind of food substance you eat, this is what you should avoid ; don't take snacks immediately after eating a spicy meal neither should you eat snacks before consuming a spicy meal.

What if you are ready hooked into this and you are trying to get out then don't be depressed you are not alone ,when such persists, take a plate of peppery soup this will help to make the throat reject any eruption coming from the digestive system when the food substance which is already chyme reaches the throat.

Take warm water with salt added along wit lime

In case you experience stomach heat after taking a peppery soup, this article is a guide on how to treat it quickly without having to see a doctor.
Once you are being relieved,take a glass cup of warm water with a little bit of salt added to it, don't stop there,look for a lime to lick in order to finally kill off the vomit, doing this will make you feel freshened.

Don't forget that we are still on the topic How to stop vomiting after meals

Contaminated & Expired Food:

This is a popular factor we all know that often lead to throwing up after eating a meal,consuming contaminated and expired food substance will not just make you feel like throwing up but will make you eventually throw up.

Sometimes the food people consume might not be contaminated or expired and yet they might still vomit after eating a meal even when the right type of food is consumed. This is the reason ; their hands are contaminated so when they touch the food they are eating,it also becomes contaminated and when they take it in,it will result to vomiting. This is common in countries like Africa where hand is the major tool being used to eat.

Do this before eating any meal

It could also be as a result of dirty plates ,spoon and so on,what you need to do is this ; make sure you wash your hands before eating any meal even if you will be eating it with spoon. But if you have fallen into this then this is what you should do ; take a glass cup of warm water with a little bit of salt added to it, make sure not to lick lime this time because it will create a reaction that will trigger up some enzymes that are not suppose to be released when a contaminated food is present in the digestive system.

Mode Of Brushing The Mouth

Many of us don't know how to brush our teeth so i will be teaching you how to do that,you might be laughing presently because you think you can brush your teeth  with your own knowledge well some of you will be surprised;

The Right Way To Brush Your Teeth

Here we go ;
  • Add some quantity of water into your mouth and shake in all direction then spit it out
  • Before adding a paste to to your toothbrush make sure you rinse it thoroughly.
  • After doing this,add a paste to your toothbrush make sure it covers all the tooth brush and don't make the mistake of adding just a little.Many make this silly mistake but i will be explaining the reason why it is not advisable in my future article.

The tongue contains more dirt : brush well

  • Start brushing your tongue first not your teeth,be sure to brush it thoroughly because it contains a lot of dirt that are even more than the one present in the teeth.
  • After, add some quantity of water into your mouth and shake in all direction then spit it out

  • Once that paste is used up,add another one which will then be used to brush your teeth and not your tongue.
  • This happens to be the final stage of brushing all you need to do is add some quantity of water into your mouth and shake in all direction then spit it out NOTE: this should be done twice.

Now are there any differences between the way you brush your teeth and the way it is written here? let us know by making use of the comment box. Make sure you brush your teeth well before eating. Now this is what you should do after brushing your teeth ; wait for at least 30 minutes before eating anything.

Don't eat before brushing you teeth doing so is just the same as taking in contaminated food substances because your tongue has them all on it.For those who are experiencing this,all you need to do is brush your teeth following the procedures highlighted above and I hope you are enjoying this article teaching you how to stop vomiting after meals.

Drinking Dirty Water:

If you drink dirty water,you will throw up at a very instant rate because the digestive system will immediately reject it,so be sure to boil your water before drinking

You will definitely throw up with this

Here is what to do ; after boiling a water, do not just move it to the refrigerator in order to cool it off to drink because there are still some particles that are contained in the boiled water which could irritate the digestive system so be sure to add an ALUM to it and wait till the Alum absorbs all the particles.

Don't forget that we are still on the topic How to stop vomiting after meals

Contaminated Air

Staying in a place where the air is stuffy could result to stomach eruption when the air mixes with the one inside the stomach,however staying in an environment with contaminated air could also result to throwing up, for example what will happen when you go to the toilet to eat or a place where refuse are being dumped, chances are high that you will get irritated and might vomit when you are still staying in such an environment.

Polluted air can irritate the digestive system

This is what you need to avoid ; don't eat in an environment where the air is stuffy or tight, also avoid eating in a place where the air there gives a bad odor.However if you experience this, here is what to do ; move to an open air space where the airs are fresh,breathe them in.Now don't make the mistake of leaving there immediately stay till you no longer feel like vomiting.

Hmm you must have learn a lot today i hope you find this article interesting and educative, if you have any question to ask,feel free to do so,however if you have any idea on based on the topic How to stop vomiting after meals then feel free to share your own opinion since no one is an highlander enjoy!
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How to Treat Stomach heat Very fast : Causes,Prevention & Cure

by Ojo Kayode
There is no doubt that you often get pissed off when your stomach becomes hot and even hotter sometimes thereby making you feel uncomfortable. The burning heat occurring within could be caused by different reasons.

I have also experienced this situation where by my stomach suddenly becomes hot, and sometimes makes me feel very weak and I won't be able to do anything for the period of its attack.

How to Treat Stomach heat Very fast
Stomach Heat

Many people who are experiencing this may have wondered what could be the cause, but it is obvious that the root begins from you. You might ask me how; there are some certain factors that could make a stomach get hot of which most of them are your doing.

How to Treat Stomach heat Very fast : Causes,Prevention & Cure

Stuffy Air:

The air you breathe in sometimes triggers your stomach and makes it gets hot,why is this? Already your stomach is naturally warm and it needs to maintain its temperature in order for digestion to take place easily.

Now when you are in an environment where there is no much ventilation, the density of oxygen in that surrounding will become low while that of carbon dioxide will increase. This makes the air in that environment warm and when such air is being breathe in, it goes through the lungs and channels itself into the stomach.

The air being warm will mix with the warm air inside the stomach thus making the stomach get hot from inside. When this warm air is breathe in initially, the stomach will not get hot, but will when it is continuously breathe in.

If you remain in the same environment, the air you breathe out and in will be of the same temperature so there is nothing to cool the stomach off. Such scenario can occur when in a large hall that has a huge amount of crowd in it with little to no ventilation. It can also be experienced while cooking in the kitchen when inhaling the hot steam rising from the pot.

When you begin to notice that your stomach is getting hot,leave that environment and move to a place where fresh air is. It is also important that you breathe in the natural air that comes out every morning it helps to enable the stomach maintain a balanced temperature.

Breathe morning air

If you are a very good observer you will notice that the air you breathe in the morning is different from the one you breathe in the afternoon  in terms of temperature.Here is the main key,don't make the mistake of closing all your windows when you're going to bed,doing this will increase the level of carbon dioxide inside the room you are, and as such making the air warmer.

When this mixes with the air in your stomach, it makes it become hot.Am not saying you should leave your windows open at night,but don't slide it all closed. Leave at least  5 inch space for air to go in and out,however if you are much in a room be sure to increase the space by more inches.

Hot Food Substances:

I don't need to tell you that this is also a factor that makes a stomach get hot. Many are not patient enough about their food ,they just jump on to eat a food that is hot thinking that it will do no harm. Truly,its effect are not immediate but when it begins you will regret.

Unlike warm air,hot food substance is even more hazardous to the stomach because in this case,the food is hot and not warm so it means you are indirectly increasing the stomach temperature rapidly when consuming hot food substances.

The only thing you can do is to stay calm till the food gets warm before eating, almost everyone don't like cold food so it will be better to take it warm. You might say this "since it is warm,when the food is taken in it might make the stomach hot since the air in the stomach is also warm".

You are right if you think that way,but remember that you will still drink some water after finishing your meal,this will make the stomach maintain its own normal temperature.

Drink plenty water

But if it were to be a hot substance that was consumed,the stomach would become hotter ,thus the water taken in will only bring down the temperature a bit because the water it self will become the same temperature of the stomach. So even if you drink water its temperature will still shift to that of the stomach.

If you are the type that loves eating hot food, then make sure you drink a lot of water during and after meal,but I strongly recommend you wait till  the food gets warm, it is your food so wait it's not running away.

Peppery Substance:

The intake of substance that are not just peppery but too peppery can cause a stomach to get hot and in fact even hotter, no matter the amount of water you drink it will not just stop or may take longer to do so.

The mistake people make is taking in too peppery food substance as dinner before going to bed, it will make their stomach hot and even make them feel uncomfortable while sleeping.You can eat peppery substance in the morning and afternoon but don't make the mistake of consuming it in the night as dinner.

Add 4 ice cube into a glass cup of water

Although you can but not too peppery food substance. However if you have taken in too peppery food substance and your stomach begins to get hot,just drop 4 ice cube into a glass cup of water and drink it.

If it still persist add another 4 ice cube into a glass cup of water and drink. Doing this will reduce the effect of the peppery substance in your stomach thereby bringing you a relief.You can also decide to drink cold water if you have instead of ice cube.

Type of food consumed:

Yes it is also a major factor to consider,if you consume heavy food as dinner you might experience a hot stomach because the heavy food will require a lot of energy by the stomach and enzymes in order to digest.

Take fruit juice to aid digestion

This will Increase the temperature of the stomach rapidly. If you are in that situation all you need to do is get a fruit like orange, water melon, e.t.c and consume them. You could also use the help of a fruit juice but do not take it in excess.

The fruit will help to fasten digestion process thereby making the stomach enzymes work less and in turn require lesser energy for digestion.

Time of food consumption:

Eating at the wrong time could also prompt the stomach to get hot,don't wake up to eat in the midnight,that will make matter even worse, however if you feel very hungry and can't even control your hunger,take fruit or fruit juice instead of food.

Can't you just wait a little longer

If it still persist then this is what you should do; pickup your tooth brush,add a paste ,now move on to the bathroom and brush your teeth.

See this better method that can be applied in order to make hunger go away easily

This might sound funny but doing so will wake up the cells of the body,but there is still one thing you need to do that will wake your enzymes because they are also asleep. To wake them hold your breath for 15 seconds at least or 20 at most and if you can hold it for 30 minutes do it (lols).

Perform some easy exercises like jumping up, touching your toes, e.t.c. After doing all that,you will begin to notice some movement in your stomach. This means you have wake your enzymes from bed so you are now free to eat but don't consume food that are high in carbohydrates.

Now I guess you know what to do when your stomach gets hot,it is not something you can cure but can be prevented and eradicated when it shows up. Below are the full details of what to do when your stomach gets hot from inside;

  • Drink plenty of water which could be cold depending on what lead to the situation.
  • Move to a different environment where the air is not stuffy
  • Ensure to always breathe in morning air when you wake up; go outside and spend at least 5 minutes breathing the morning fresh air.
  • Take some fruit or fruit juice when experiencing a hot stomach this should be done only when you consume food that are heavy in carbohydrates.

But what if you don't have anything to take in at the moment when your stomach gets hot,things such as cold water,fruit or fruit juice, ice block, well there is an alternative to all.

When you feel that your stomach is hot from inside then this is what to do; look for a concrete floor or tiles,open the cloth covering your stomach (am not saying you should get nude, just raise up the cloth that covers your stomach ) then lie down flat on the floor with your stomach facing the concrete floor.

Lie flat on a tiles or a concrete floor 

The concrete or tiles will conduct the heat automatically away from the stomach thereby reducing its temperature.Or if that seems stressful, look for a metal or steel material that is wide enough to cover your stomach, it could be a steel cup or plate. Once found,place it on your stomach and make sure it is having direct contact with your belly.

Stainless material

After 5 minutes of a constant position of the steel material, remove it and place it on your cheek ,you will notice that it will be warm. That warmth is the heat collected from your stomach by the steel material thereby making the principle of heat transfer true;

heat moves from a hotter region to a colder region

In this case the steel is the colder region while the stomach happens to be the hotter region so heat moves from the stomach to the steel material.

To finalize all,be sure to change the position of the steel material by moving it to another side that has not touched your stomach. All you need to do is keep changing the position of the steel. You can return back to the part that you placed on your stomach earlier if that part have loose it warmth.

I hope you find this article interesting and educative,if you have any question to ask feel free to do so. You can also share your own opinion and tips on how to treat stomach heat very fast
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How to get a cheap Android smartphone with decent specs in Nigeria

by Ojo Kayode 2 Comments
You need a smartphone that will offer decent specs but there is just one problem that keeps popping up; the ones you find seem to exceed your budgeted value in the sense that they are too expensive.

There are other smartphones that sell at a cheaper price but their specs are just not what you need in a smartphone.

How to get a cheap android smartphone featuring decent specs

You are fed up and even planning on going for any smartphone that just comes your way either with good or bad features.If that is the case then you are in the right place for help and comfort, this article will give you the necessary guide to get a cheap smartphone with decent specs.

Smartphones Popularity

Mobile devices popularity nowadays is beyond what you and I can think of, this is as a result of its great importance to the society.Daily, new phones are being releases by different manufacturers all attempting to get them into the hands of a buyer.

And as such some people sell their devices to get the latest one in town,indirectly we can say as the number of smartphone users increases,so does the number of their manufacturers,this has lead to competition between phone companies.

In order for smartphone manufacturers to get the attention of people,they tend to make the price of their device affordable to prompt a lot of buyers.

One funny thing is that the price of such phones are not stable and may increase after a month,this is because they have made the device popular with the price tag set so they decide to increase it later on since it is now the top nouch smartphone in town.

But do you know there are some phone companies that exists but you havn't heard of,you might doubt me ;

Let say you have a sum of $300 and you were surfing for phones on the internet to buy,then you came across Xiaomi mi 5x ,immediately the device will attract you.

What if you later saw one named Mpie Y12 or any other name that haven't come across you ear before.

But what will you say when you see this cheap?

No doubt chances are high that you will not want to take a look at it, or will not be moved to purchase it because there is a belief that most of those devices are scam and don't give the stated specs.

We all know there are some smartphones that claim to be dope but they are not that is why in our next article,I will be teaching you a simple way to tell if the specs of a phone seen online are real,however let focus on the main topic;

How to get a cheap Android smartphone online with decent specs in Nigeria

  • Firstly,understand the reason why you need one ,if it is because of music then I recommend purchasing an mp3 player.
  • Identity the specs you need in a phone
  • Set price range,how much do you have? how much can you spare if the phone cost just a value ahead of your budgeted money.
  • Start searching, I am not saying you should move from one phone shop to another searching for a cheap smartphone, you can achieve that within your comfort zone.
  • Get your laptop if you don't have borrow one,you can also make use of a phone but chances are high that you will get a cheap phone faster with a laptop or desktop, 
  • Once you have that launch your browser,open an online shopping store website where phones are sold,keep it in mind that there are are tons of them which include scams so be careful here are some trusted sites for shopping online; Jumia, Konga, Aliexpress,gearbest e.t.c
  • Don't make use of the search box to look for a phone, this is the common mistake people make,just move to the phones available in the websites and keep scrolling. 
  • But before that make sure you set the price range you want,this can be done in the website you are shopping on. It is really essential you set price range on the website so that smartphones that costs around your budgeted money will show up
  • This point is where unpopular phone manufacturers product comes up,featuring nice specs.
  • Then you can start reviewing on each one of them,looking for your desired specs

You don't need to go for top brands smartphone because they definitely cost more than the money you budgeted.Have you finally found a device that seems appealing? here is the question ; are the specs real or counterfeit? our future post will be shed more light on that so you won't end up being a victim.
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How to make calls & send SMS for free with Bluetooth Comms

by Ojo Kayode
Has the time for sending free SMS arrived? Majority will say NO!, and that truly is the answer that era is yet to be in operation.

But what if there is another way you can send SMS for free without having to wait for that era or installing any third party app.

How to make calls &; send SMS for free with Bluetooth Comms

You might be wondering if that is possible,I have spent most of my time doing a lot of research on this topic and I finally figured out a way to do it.

Why don't you save your data and not also worry about SMS charges because in this article I am going to be teaching you how to make calls and send SMS for free making use of a simple default software called Bluetooth  Comms.

You might wonder what the meaning of Bluetooth comms is,it is a medium used for communicating in two ways either by text or voice.

The setups are very easy and like I said earlier it does not require you to install any third party application,it is absolutely free with no charges applied.

Now let begin the tutorials

Requirements for the setup

Bluetooth software ; this is already installed by default so you don't need to download.
Audio recorder : this is for making calls and is already installed by default so you don't need to download.

A smartphone : this method works virtually for all devices,only for the fact that mobile phones might not be able to enjoy it because their device does not support highlighting. 

Though some may but not all.
In that sense,this method can be best enjoyed by smartphone users;

How to make call and send SMS for free

  • Launch your message application, and type in the text you want to send

  • Once done,highlight the text,doing so will prompt three options for you to choose from : CUT,COPY or SHARE.
  • You might be thinking we want to apply some cheat here,but that is not it we are applying a trick here.
  • Tap on SHARE.
  • Having done that,you will see a list of applications available to share the text to,now this is where the default software (Bluetooth Comms) we mentioned earlier comes in.
  • In the application options available ,locate the Bluetooth icon and tap on it

Free Call & SMS

  • A screen pop up will be display asking you to turn on your Bluetooth, all you have to do is turn it on.
  • After that,select the device you want to send the text to,whola! you are done.

Conductions necessary for this to work

The receiver must turn in his/her Bluetooth and must not be too far from where you are, at most 100meter away or else they won't be able to receive it.

The trick behind this

The trick here involves the use of Bluetooth to communicate via text, it won't work if both sender and receiver are in different states or country which means they will have to use SMS or any other means that involves charges.

The same method works for calls,just recorded what you want to say and send it via Bluetooth to the receiver.

In our future post,we will be unveiling a better and stronger method  that can be used to call and send SMS for free from a far distance.

However enjoy this while it lasts!.
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Mpie Y12 Price in Nigeria (fingerprint scanner,3000mAh)

by Ojo Kayode
Meet the new unpopular smartphone called Mpie Y12,this device comes with great specs and an affordable price. Purchase can be made on Jumia Nigeria

The device being a China source product functions more than want you will expect,though it is not well known but I can boldly tell you that it worth trying.

Mpie Y12 comes with a 3000 mAh battery capacity,though it is not fast charge supportive but can still last up to 17hrs of usage.

Mpie Y12 Price in Nigeria

Spec wise,the device sports a 5.5 inch screen display,Dual Sim slot ( that includes Nano space),5 MP front camera + 8 MP back camera trust me there is only one dos about this device

Mpie Y12 review

It might not be a wise choice for taking selfies because of its poor camera quality. You might be wondering how I got to know this,well the truth is that I purchased one at a very decent price on Jumia.

My Experience

To be honest,it is a great smartphone except for the camera quality,the battery is okay and even last me 17 hrs of usage. However if you are the type that don't fancy cameras or you really don't like taking pictures much then this device is a better option.

Mpie Y12 full specs

Did I forget to mention that it also features a finger print scanner at the back,and is in fact running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It packs 1 GB of RAM coupled with an 8 GB (ROM) inbuilt storage.

Though it is only 4 GB ROM that is on the device ( because of some already installed apps by the manufacturer,there by making it ROM lesser than the expected value) but can still be expandable up to 32 GB via SD card. The finger print scanner is very swift in action and is strict with recognition.

Let me make you say wow; Did you know you can add more than one finger print recognition on the device, I mean you can add your wife,children, dad,mum and many more to the phone.

This means they can all unlock your phone with their registered finger.You can also decide to register more than one fingers of yours to the device for recognition,i.e your fore,index,thumb e.t.c can all be registered on it in order to unlock.

Mpie Y12 Price in Nigeria

Mpie Y12 price on Jumia is very cheap,all depends on the seller. As for me I bought mine N26,000 (shipping cost added).

But the normal price is N25,000 however if you are fast enough you should be able to get it for N20,000 from another seller on Jumia.

Mpie Y12 Price on Jumia

Are you thinking about getting one then click here to purchase.

If you have used this smartphone before ,kindly share with us your experience  by making use of the comment box below. Please don't be fooled by people's review you see on the product while shopping on Jumia.
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How to trick a solar panel to work at night

by Ojo Kayode
To some,it might be impossible for solar panels to produce electric current at night. the truth is that it can't do that on a normal note, but with a little trick you will be able to use it at night.

How to make a solar panel work at night

This article will explain the simple way to trick a solar panel to perform its functions at night,only for the fact that it might not be as effective like the day.

The principles behind its operation

So many people believe that a solar panel produces electric current as a result of the heat gotten from the Sun,well to prove them wrong try this;

  • Look for a small solar panel and run the connection to a small LED bulb placing the +ve and -ve wires to the right terminals.
  • After completing that setup,light up your gas cooker and boil just 1 glass cup of water.
  • Once boiled to 100 degree Celsius remove the water and empty it inside another material made of steel.
  • Now take the circuit you prepared earlier (solar panel) and move the front surface of the solar panel that usually receives light from the sun to the center of the container you emptied the boiled water into, make sure the steam of the boiled water is passing through the surface of the panel.

What do you observe?

You will observe that the steam evaporating from the container is being condensed to liquid when it gets to the surface of the panel,is there any other thing observed? NO.

What we were expecting was for the connected LED bulb to light up as soon as the steam touches the surface  of the solar panel,but reverse is the case. there was no current produced from the panel so the LED bulb can't function.

Why don't you try this

Leave the circuit connections like that and don't tamper with it (only wipe the condensed water away from the surface) ,look for a well recharged torch light and shine it on the surface of the solar panel.

What do you observe?

Immediately the light rays from the torch light gets to the S-panel surface,the connected LED bulb will light up indicating that current is being produced. Once the light rays is being obstructed or removed,the LED bulb will also go off. This occurs with immediate effect.

How to make a solar panel work at night

Now let move straight to the point,making a solar panel function at night is not impossible but it really depends on some things. You can apply that method above,however if that seem stressing then you can wait for the full moon ( lols).

solar panel work at night

Honestly there is no way you could apply that light ray method above for a very bigger solar panel except if you will be able to provide a bigger source of light rays (touch light).

In our future post,we will be teaching you how to charge solar power bank at night using the light rays method enjoy!!
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