How to copy text from a right click disabled webpages

by Ojo Kayode
You must have being trying to highlight text to copy from some webpages but it is unfortunate that they have the right click feature disabled. Thus it prevent you from being able to highlight text to copy.

But why is this done? well I do not know the reason because each and every website owners have their own view,however there is this popular reason why such is done let consider that below;

Why is copy & paste attributed feature disabled from some website

How would you feel if you prepared a design plan on a robot that could help people to find their lost item quickly then someone from no where saw this design on your laptop ,copied it (because you wanted everybody to see it so your device was not pass worded) and went on to display it publicly that it was his idea.

How to copy text from a right click disabled webpages

Would it not have being better if there was a way you could prevent such from happening next time or you would ignore that situation without taking necessary actions?

You sure would and one of your precautiuve measures will be to find a way to prevent unauthorized access to your laptop there by disallowing anyone who uses your laptop from copying the design into his or her drive.

Well the same thing is applicable to webpages there are tons of people out there dubbing other website's article content and posting it on their own site as if it is theirs.

The funniest part is that they don't give credit link and might even outrank the main article source on search engines there by causing them to loose traffics which they are supposed to receive from the article dubbed.

This then lead to low income especially those who are Google AdSense earners,I hope you can now see the reason why the  disabling act is done that is why it is not good to concluded a matter without finding its root.

So fortunate for you readers today just consider yourselves lucky because I will teach you a simple method to copy from a text disabled webpages.

How to copy text from a right click disabled webpages

Note: this method is applicable for Windows only but in our future post we will be providing a way to do just that on smartphones.

  • Hit this key one after the other CTRL + SHIFT + I .

 right click on  disabled webpages

  • Once done you should get an HTML box appearing on the right side if your screen or any where since it depends on your default settings.

  • Locate the cursor icon which is the first left top icon on the box.
  • After finding,click it then move the default mouse cursor to the text you want to copy and click on it.

  • Once that is accomplished return back to the HTML box on moving there you would see an already highlighted text which is the same as the one you want to copy.

  • Right click on it and select edit as HTML once done you will be allowed to access the text so just highlight the text from the HTML box and copy it then you are done.

Method ll
Here is another method,once you are on the webpage you want to copy text from,reload that page and stop it before it finish loading.

Though the images might not display because you did not allow the page to complete it action but you will be able to copy the text and download the images by reloading and waiting for it to be completed.

More tricks are on its way so don't miss out.....


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