How to make calls & send SMS for free with Bluetooth Comms

by Ojo Kayode
Has the time for sending free SMS arrived? Majority will say NO!, and that truly is the answer that era is yet to be in operation.

But what if there is another way you can send SMS for free without having to wait for that era or installing any third party app.

How to make calls &; send SMS for free with Bluetooth Comms

You might be wondering if that is possible,I have spent most of my time doing a lot of research on this topic and I finally figured out a way to do it.

Why don't you save your data and not also worry about SMS charges because in this article I am going to be teaching you how to make calls and send SMS for free making use of a simple default software called Bluetooth  Comms.

You might wonder what the meaning of Bluetooth comms is,it is a medium used for communicating in two ways either by text or voice.

The setups are very easy and like I said earlier it does not require you to install any third party application,it is absolutely free with no charges applied.

Now let begin the tutorials

Requirements for the setup

Bluetooth software ; this is already installed by default so you don't need to download.
Audio recorder : this is for making calls and is already installed by default so you don't need to download.

A smartphone : this method works virtually for all devices,only for the fact that mobile phones might not be able to enjoy it because their device does not support highlighting. 

Though some may but not all.
In that sense,this method can be best enjoyed by smartphone users;

How to make call and send SMS for free

  • Launch your message application, and type in the text you want to send

  • Once done,highlight the text,doing so will prompt three options for you to choose from : CUT,COPY or SHARE.
  • You might be thinking we want to apply some cheat here,but that is not it we are applying a trick here.
  • Tap on SHARE.
  • Having done that,you will see a list of applications available to share the text to,now this is where the default software (Bluetooth Comms) we mentioned earlier comes in.
  • In the application options available ,locate the Bluetooth icon and tap on it

Free Call & SMS

  • A screen pop up will be display asking you to turn on your Bluetooth, all you have to do is turn it on.
  • After that,select the device you want to send the text to,whola! you are done.

Conductions necessary for this to work

The receiver must turn in his/her Bluetooth and must not be too far from where you are, at most 100meter away or else they won't be able to receive it.

The trick behind this

The trick here involves the use of Bluetooth to communicate via text, it won't work if both sender and receiver are in different states or country which means they will have to use SMS or any other means that involves charges.

The same method works for calls,just recorded what you want to say and send it via Bluetooth to the receiver.

In our future post,we will be unveiling a better and stronger method  that can be used to call and send SMS for free from a far distance.

However enjoy this while it lasts!.


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