How to trick a solar panel to work at night

by Ojo Kayode
To some,it might be impossible for solar panels to produce electric current at night. the truth is that it can't do that on a normal note, but with a little trick you will be able to use it at night.

How to make a solar panel work at night

This article will explain the simple way to trick a solar panel to perform its functions at night,only for the fact that it might not be as effective like the day.

The principles behind its operation

So many people believe that a solar panel produces electric current as a result of the heat gotten from the Sun,well to prove them wrong try this;

  • Look for a small solar panel and run the connection to a small LED bulb placing the +ve and -ve wires to the right terminals.
  • After completing that setup,light up your gas cooker and boil just 1 glass cup of water.
  • Once boiled to 100 degree Celsius remove the water and empty it inside another material made of steel.
  • Now take the circuit you prepared earlier (solar panel) and move the front surface of the solar panel that usually receives light from the sun to the center of the container you emptied the boiled water into, make sure the steam of the boiled water is passing through the surface of the panel.

What do you observe?

You will observe that the steam evaporating from the container is being condensed to liquid when it gets to the surface of the panel,is there any other thing observed? NO.

What we were expecting was for the connected LED bulb to light up as soon as the steam touches the surface  of the solar panel,but reverse is the case. there was no current produced from the panel so the LED bulb can't function.

Why don't you try this

Leave the circuit connections like that and don't tamper with it (only wipe the condensed water away from the surface) ,look for a well recharged torch light and shine it on the surface of the solar panel.

What do you observe?

Immediately the light rays from the torch light gets to the S-panel surface,the connected LED bulb will light up indicating that current is being produced. Once the light rays is being obstructed or removed,the LED bulb will also go off. This occurs with immediate effect.

How to make a solar panel work at night

Now let move straight to the point,making a solar panel function at night is not impossible but it really depends on some things. You can apply that method above,however if that seem stressing then you can wait for the full moon ( lols).

solar panel work at night

Honestly there is no way you could apply that light ray method above for a very bigger solar panel except if you will be able to provide a bigger source of light rays (touch light).

In our future post,we will be teaching you how to charge solar power bank at night using the light rays method enjoy!!


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