How To Stop Vomiting After Meals (Nausea )Prevention & Cure

by Ojo Kayode
Many usually feel like throwing up or might eventually do so after finish eating a meal,this is not a normal situation for some even find it very difficult to eat at times as a result of the fear of throwing up after finish eating a meal.

You might ask your self this ; "what could be the cause?" the truth is that you are not alone in these thoughts.

How To Stop Vomiting After Meals
Does this happens to you?

Most of the times,we are usually the cause of such problem which depends on the way we handle food substances,some may think their feeling of throwing up is because the food they ate is contaminated. So funny enough,that is a bit true but it is not the main cause of that. Did you even know that all the food we eat contain thousands of bacterial? don't be surprised.

Those bacterial have a function they performs when they get into the body digestive system.Mostly they help to aid digestion but if it is in excess it could cause sickness. To make matter more interesting there are some enzymes that will kill off the bacteria when they get to the digestive system leaving out only the quantity needed for digestion.

There are still a lot of things that could make one vomit after eating a meal, if you are experiencing this then there is no cause for alarm,you will learn a lot in this article based on it causes,prevention and cure.

The feeling or sensation of vomiting is what we call NAUSEA and it does not often lead to vomiting, however there are much more to consider in this article concerning this topic,so i will urge you to sit back and enjoy;

How To Stop Vomiting After Meals (Nausea )Causes,Prevention & Cure

The type of food You eat:

Many do not know that their digestive system is strict with the kind of food that comes into it,you really have to be selective about the kind of edible substance you consume and make sure you don't give your digestive system what it hates. But how can you determine the type of food your digestive system dislike?

Be patient for 3 days

To find out here is what to do; whenever you throw up or you feel like throwing up note down the type of food you ate before experiencing the that, then wait for three more days and consume the same food again. If the vomiting still persists then that food is not supported by your digestive system which means you've to stop eating that food.

Combining Wrong Food Substances Together:

This is the part that caught my attention the most,to be honest many of us don't know the way to eat,am not saying we can't put a spoon into our mouth( although some can't... lols) all I mean is that we eat mixed wrong food substances together without knowing their harm.

Our enzymes or let me say digestive system is another brain on its own, why do i say this? when we consume food, some certain kind of enzymes are released by the digestive system depending on the kind of food consumed.i.e if you consume carbohydrate food and another person consumes a protein food,the enzymes that will be released in your digestive system will be different form that which will be released in the other person's digestive system.

This is because each enzymes are assigned to some certain food nutrients,so when a carbohydrate food is consumed,the enzymes assigned to it will detect it and thus release out to act on the carbohydrate. The same thing is similar to protein and other classes of food.

Now when you consume carbohydrates and protein food together, they will be acted on by the enzymes assigned to them so don't think that only one enzyme will be present. This means the enzymes that will act on both protein and carbohydrate will be present in the digestive system.
However there is just one problem,not every enzymes can be present all together during digestion,if there are a lot of enzymes present in the digestive which are not suppose to mix with each other then nausea will set in.

One thing you don't know is this ; the reason you feel like vomiting or sometimes vomit is not because of your food is contaminated but because there are some certain enzymes which are being released in your digestive system that are not mend to mix with each other. It is just like mixing wrong chemicals in the laboratory which often lead to explosion.

The same thing is applicable to the digestive system when enzymes that are not to mix with each other do so ; it will create an eruption in the belly and try to erupt the substances ,the eruption is what will now result to the vomit.

At times you might feel like vomiting and you will not at the end of the day this is because the enzymes level of reaction is low which in turns means the eruption level is also low, they will struggle to act on each nutrient assigned to them and they will finally complete the process. Once the digestion has finished taking place, you will no longer feel like vomiting.

All you need to do is to monitor the kind of food substance you eat, this is what you should avoid ; don't take snacks immediately after eating a spicy meal neither should you eat snacks before consuming a spicy meal.

What if you are ready hooked into this and you are trying to get out then don't be depressed you are not alone ,when such persists, take a plate of peppery soup this will help to make the throat reject any eruption coming from the digestive system when the food substance which is already chyme reaches the throat.

Take warm water with salt added along wit lime

In case you experience stomach heat after taking a peppery soup, this article is a guide on how to treat it quickly without having to see a doctor.
Once you are being relieved,take a glass cup of warm water with a little bit of salt added to it, don't stop there,look for a lime to lick in order to finally kill off the vomit, doing this will make you feel freshened.

Don't forget that we are still on the topic How to stop vomiting after meals

Contaminated & Expired Food:

This is a popular factor we all know that often lead to throwing up after eating a meal,consuming contaminated and expired food substance will not just make you feel like throwing up but will make you eventually throw up.

Sometimes the food people consume might not be contaminated or expired and yet they might still vomit after eating a meal even when the right type of food is consumed. This is the reason ; their hands are contaminated so when they touch the food they are eating,it also becomes contaminated and when they take it in,it will result to vomiting. This is common in countries like Africa where hand is the major tool being used to eat.

Do this before eating any meal

It could also be as a result of dirty plates ,spoon and so on,what you need to do is this ; make sure you wash your hands before eating any meal even if you will be eating it with spoon. But if you have fallen into this then this is what you should do ; take a glass cup of warm water with a little bit of salt added to it, make sure not to lick lime this time because it will create a reaction that will trigger up some enzymes that are not suppose to be released when a contaminated food is present in the digestive system.

Mode Of Brushing The Mouth

Many of us don't know how to brush our teeth so i will be teaching you how to do that,you might be laughing presently because you think you can brush your teeth  with your own knowledge well some of you will be surprised;

The Right Way To Brush Your Teeth

Here we go ;
  • Add some quantity of water into your mouth and shake in all direction then spit it out
  • Before adding a paste to to your toothbrush make sure you rinse it thoroughly.
  • After doing this,add a paste to your toothbrush make sure it covers all the tooth brush and don't make the mistake of adding just a little.Many make this silly mistake but i will be explaining the reason why it is not advisable in my future article.

The tongue contains more dirt : brush well

  • Start brushing your tongue first not your teeth,be sure to brush it thoroughly because it contains a lot of dirt that are even more than the one present in the teeth.
  • After, add some quantity of water into your mouth and shake in all direction then spit it out

  • Once that paste is used up,add another one which will then be used to brush your teeth and not your tongue.
  • This happens to be the final stage of brushing all you need to do is add some quantity of water into your mouth and shake in all direction then spit it out NOTE: this should be done twice.

Now are there any differences between the way you brush your teeth and the way it is written here? let us know by making use of the comment box. Make sure you brush your teeth well before eating. Now this is what you should do after brushing your teeth ; wait for at least 30 minutes before eating anything.

Don't eat before brushing you teeth doing so is just the same as taking in contaminated food substances because your tongue has them all on it.For those who are experiencing this,all you need to do is brush your teeth following the procedures highlighted above and I hope you are enjoying this article teaching you how to stop vomiting after meals.

Drinking Dirty Water:

If you drink dirty water,you will throw up at a very instant rate because the digestive system will immediately reject it,so be sure to boil your water before drinking

You will definitely throw up with this

Here is what to do ; after boiling a water, do not just move it to the refrigerator in order to cool it off to drink because there are still some particles that are contained in the boiled water which could irritate the digestive system so be sure to add an ALUM to it and wait till the Alum absorbs all the particles.

Don't forget that we are still on the topic How to stop vomiting after meals

Contaminated Air

Staying in a place where the air is stuffy could result to stomach eruption when the air mixes with the one inside the stomach,however staying in an environment with contaminated air could also result to throwing up, for example what will happen when you go to the toilet to eat or a place where refuse are being dumped, chances are high that you will get irritated and might vomit when you are still staying in such an environment.

Polluted air can irritate the digestive system

This is what you need to avoid ; don't eat in an environment where the air is stuffy or tight, also avoid eating in a place where the air there gives a bad odor.However if you experience this, here is what to do ; move to an open air space where the airs are fresh,breathe them in.Now don't make the mistake of leaving there immediately stay till you no longer feel like vomiting.

Hmm you must have learn a lot today i hope you find this article interesting and educative, if you have any question to ask,feel free to do so,however if you have any idea on based on the topic How to stop vomiting after meals then feel free to share your own opinion since no one is an highlander enjoy!


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