How to Treat Stomach heat Very fast : Causes,Prevention & Cure

by Ojo Kayode
There is no doubt that you often get pissed off when your stomach becomes hot and even hotter sometimes thereby making you feel uncomfortable. The burning heat occurring within could be caused by different reasons.

I have also experienced this situation where by my stomach suddenly becomes hot, and sometimes makes me feel very weak and I won't be able to do anything for the period of its attack.

How to Treat Stomach heat Very fast
Stomach Heat

Many people who are experiencing this may have wondered what could be the cause, but it is obvious that the root begins from you. You might ask me how; there are some certain factors that could make a stomach get hot of which most of them are your doing.

How to Treat Stomach heat Very fast : Causes,Prevention & Cure

Stuffy Air:

The air you breathe in sometimes triggers your stomach and makes it gets hot,why is this? Already your stomach is naturally warm and it needs to maintain its temperature in order for digestion to take place easily.

Now when you are in an environment where there is no much ventilation, the density of oxygen in that surrounding will become low while that of carbon dioxide will increase. This makes the air in that environment warm and when such air is being breathe in, it goes through the lungs and channels itself into the stomach.

The air being warm will mix with the warm air inside the stomach thus making the stomach get hot from inside. When this warm air is breathe in initially, the stomach will not get hot, but will when it is continuously breathe in.

If you remain in the same environment, the air you breathe out and in will be of the same temperature so there is nothing to cool the stomach off. Such scenario can occur when in a large hall that has a huge amount of crowd in it with little to no ventilation. It can also be experienced while cooking in the kitchen when inhaling the hot steam rising from the pot.

When you begin to notice that your stomach is getting hot,leave that environment and move to a place where fresh air is. It is also important that you breathe in the natural air that comes out every morning it helps to enable the stomach maintain a balanced temperature.

Breathe morning air

If you are a very good observer you will notice that the air you breathe in the morning is different from the one you breathe in the afternoon  in terms of temperature.Here is the main key,don't make the mistake of closing all your windows when you're going to bed,doing this will increase the level of carbon dioxide inside the room you are, and as such making the air warmer.

When this mixes with the air in your stomach, it makes it become hot.Am not saying you should leave your windows open at night,but don't slide it all closed. Leave at least  5 inch space for air to go in and out,however if you are much in a room be sure to increase the space by more inches.

Hot Food Substances:

I don't need to tell you that this is also a factor that makes a stomach get hot. Many are not patient enough about their food ,they just jump on to eat a food that is hot thinking that it will do no harm. Truly,its effect are not immediate but when it begins you will regret.

Unlike warm air,hot food substance is even more hazardous to the stomach because in this case,the food is hot and not warm so it means you are indirectly increasing the stomach temperature rapidly when consuming hot food substances.

The only thing you can do is to stay calm till the food gets warm before eating, almost everyone don't like cold food so it will be better to take it warm. You might say this "since it is warm,when the food is taken in it might make the stomach hot since the air in the stomach is also warm".

You are right if you think that way,but remember that you will still drink some water after finishing your meal,this will make the stomach maintain its own normal temperature.

Drink plenty water

But if it were to be a hot substance that was consumed,the stomach would become hotter ,thus the water taken in will only bring down the temperature a bit because the water it self will become the same temperature of the stomach. So even if you drink water its temperature will still shift to that of the stomach.

If you are the type that loves eating hot food, then make sure you drink a lot of water during and after meal,but I strongly recommend you wait till  the food gets warm, it is your food so wait it's not running away.

Peppery Substance:

The intake of substance that are not just peppery but too peppery can cause a stomach to get hot and in fact even hotter, no matter the amount of water you drink it will not just stop or may take longer to do so.

The mistake people make is taking in too peppery food substance as dinner before going to bed, it will make their stomach hot and even make them feel uncomfortable while sleeping.You can eat peppery substance in the morning and afternoon but don't make the mistake of consuming it in the night as dinner.

Add 4 ice cube into a glass cup of water

Although you can but not too peppery food substance. However if you have taken in too peppery food substance and your stomach begins to get hot,just drop 4 ice cube into a glass cup of water and drink it.

If it still persist add another 4 ice cube into a glass cup of water and drink. Doing this will reduce the effect of the peppery substance in your stomach thereby bringing you a relief.You can also decide to drink cold water if you have instead of ice cube.

Type of food consumed:

Yes it is also a major factor to consider,if you consume heavy food as dinner you might experience a hot stomach because the heavy food will require a lot of energy by the stomach and enzymes in order to digest.

Take fruit juice to aid digestion

This will Increase the temperature of the stomach rapidly. If you are in that situation all you need to do is get a fruit like orange, water melon, e.t.c and consume them. You could also use the help of a fruit juice but do not take it in excess.

The fruit will help to fasten digestion process thereby making the stomach enzymes work less and in turn require lesser energy for digestion.

Time of food consumption:

Eating at the wrong time could also prompt the stomach to get hot,don't wake up to eat in the midnight,that will make matter even worse, however if you feel very hungry and can't even control your hunger,take fruit or fruit juice instead of food.

Can't you just wait a little longer

If it still persist then this is what you should do; pickup your tooth brush,add a paste ,now move on to the bathroom and brush your teeth.

See this better method that can be applied in order to make hunger go away easily

This might sound funny but doing so will wake up the cells of the body,but there is still one thing you need to do that will wake your enzymes because they are also asleep. To wake them hold your breath for 15 seconds at least or 20 at most and if you can hold it for 30 minutes do it (lols).

Perform some easy exercises like jumping up, touching your toes, e.t.c. After doing all that,you will begin to notice some movement in your stomach. This means you have wake your enzymes from bed so you are now free to eat but don't consume food that are high in carbohydrates.

Now I guess you know what to do when your stomach gets hot,it is not something you can cure but can be prevented and eradicated when it shows up. Below are the full details of what to do when your stomach gets hot from inside;

  • Drink plenty of water which could be cold depending on what lead to the situation.
  • Move to a different environment where the air is not stuffy
  • Ensure to always breathe in morning air when you wake up; go outside and spend at least 5 minutes breathing the morning fresh air.
  • Take some fruit or fruit juice when experiencing a hot stomach this should be done only when you consume food that are heavy in carbohydrates.

But what if you don't have anything to take in at the moment when your stomach gets hot,things such as cold water,fruit or fruit juice, ice block, well there is an alternative to all.

When you feel that your stomach is hot from inside then this is what to do; look for a concrete floor or tiles,open the cloth covering your stomach (am not saying you should get nude, just raise up the cloth that covers your stomach ) then lie down flat on the floor with your stomach facing the concrete floor.

Lie flat on a tiles or a concrete floor 

The concrete or tiles will conduct the heat automatically away from the stomach thereby reducing its temperature.Or if that seems stressful, look for a metal or steel material that is wide enough to cover your stomach, it could be a steel cup or plate. Once found,place it on your stomach and make sure it is having direct contact with your belly.

Stainless material

After 5 minutes of a constant position of the steel material, remove it and place it on your cheek ,you will notice that it will be warm. That warmth is the heat collected from your stomach by the steel material thereby making the principle of heat transfer true;

heat moves from a hotter region to a colder region

In this case the steel is the colder region while the stomach happens to be the hotter region so heat moves from the stomach to the steel material.

To finalize all,be sure to change the position of the steel material by moving it to another side that has not touched your stomach. All you need to do is keep changing the position of the steel. You can return back to the part that you placed on your stomach earlier if that part have loose it warmth.

I hope you find this article interesting and educative,if you have any question to ask feel free to do so. You can also share your own opinion and tips on how to treat stomach heat very fast

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