Mpie Y12 Price in Nigeria (fingerprint scanner,3000mAh)

by Ojo Kayode
Meet the new unpopular smartphone called Mpie Y12,this device comes with great specs and an affordable price. Purchase can be made on Jumia Nigeria

The device being a China source product functions more than want you will expect,though it is not well known but I can boldly tell you that it worth trying.

Mpie Y12 comes with a 3000 mAh battery capacity,though it is not fast charge supportive but can still last up to 17hrs of usage.

Mpie Y12 Price in Nigeria

Spec wise,the device sports a 5.5 inch screen display,Dual Sim slot ( that includes Nano space),5 MP front camera + 8 MP back camera trust me there is only one dos about this device

Mpie Y12 review

It might not be a wise choice for taking selfies because of its poor camera quality. You might be wondering how I got to know this,well the truth is that I purchased one at a very decent price on Jumia.

My Experience

To be honest,it is a great smartphone except for the camera quality,the battery is okay and even last me 17 hrs of usage. However if you are the type that don't fancy cameras or you really don't like taking pictures much then this device is a better option.

Mpie Y12 full specs

Did I forget to mention that it also features a finger print scanner at the back,and is in fact running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It packs 1 GB of RAM coupled with an 8 GB (ROM) inbuilt storage.

Though it is only 4 GB ROM that is on the device ( because of some already installed apps by the manufacturer,there by making it ROM lesser than the expected value) but can still be expandable up to 32 GB via SD card. The finger print scanner is very swift in action and is strict with recognition.

Let me make you say wow; Did you know you can add more than one finger print recognition on the device, I mean you can add your wife,children, dad,mum and many more to the phone.

This means they can all unlock your phone with their registered finger.You can also decide to register more than one fingers of yours to the device for recognition,i.e your fore,index,thumb e.t.c can all be registered on it in order to unlock.

Mpie Y12 Price in Nigeria

Mpie Y12 price on Jumia is very cheap,all depends on the seller. As for me I bought mine N26,000 (shipping cost added).

But the normal price is N25,000 however if you are fast enough you should be able to get it for N20,000 from another seller on Jumia.

Mpie Y12 Price on Jumia

Are you thinking about getting one then click here to purchase.

If you have used this smartphone before ,kindly share with us your experience  by making use of the comment box below. Please don't be fooled by people's review you see on the product while shopping on Jumia.


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